Ezra Arsenault

Polyps, moldy leftovers, wet soapy clay, air pocketed muscle, algae, a pile of intestines, trash, rotten pumpkin, orange peel, dust, cells, surrogate flesh. That which is bodily, dirty. That is how I would describe my visual interest. And with this language of the gross, I like to describe moments of inarticulable worry. Language fails to grasp at gut feelings, therefore I replace them with textures to make you hyper-aware of your internal organs. Some of my works I imagine to be wholly new organs for the processing of gut feelings. Others I see as homunculan representations of bodies flipped inside out. I find beauty in things that have dense collections of dents, peaks, valleys, rocks, and water across their surface. I am concerned with making these horrifying images not only palatable but beautiful.


Organ 2

Organ 1