Matthew Lo Re

I fell in love with music at the age of 15. I practiced guitar, my practice consumed me. I managed to practice about 11 hours a day, for years, some how I found the time to do this. Around the age of 7, I wanted to draw, the age of 10, I LOVED Hitchcock movies. Drawing and film gave way to music. The guitar gave way to composing for string instruments. Then composing for other instruments began. Learning how to use digital and electronic equipment opened up a whole new outlet of creating. I learned how to create my own sounds by making electronic samples. Recording a sound, editing it , then placing that clip or sample of sound on a keyboard.

Pitched now, texture and tone have become my paint, the start of my orchestra. Then came the circuit soldering to create distortions. Instrument building and modifying to completely make my sound, my sound. Life changes were very much at work and kept me away from my equipment. I dove back into drawing with a new confidence . I began to film short scenes. I have scored a great amount of films and that was a lesson all onto itself that was coming in handy. I am creating a artistic signature , audio and visual, acoustic and digital. I will continue to explore my art , knowing that it will grow. Knowing that it will full fill me , test me, push to be a better person than I am today.